Sport-Mobility are leaders in Buying, Selling, Customising, Refurbishing, Repairing Sport and Everyday wheelchairs at a cost that is affordable to everyone.

Forget about buying brand new at extortionate costs, we can supply you with a wheelchair that is refurbished to your specification including powder coating of frame work to customers specification, New upholstery or even new rear wheels, forks and front casters at a fraction of the cost.

We deal with such companies as Schwalbe, Spinergy, X Core, Frog Legs. This is a new initiative which has proved very popular with our customers.

When a wheelchair user feels that his wheelchair has come to the end of its life, he puts it in the garage or shed and that is where it stays. The wheelchair may even get scrapped! There is no need for this to happen.

Contact us and we can buy your wheelchair from you or we can refurbish it for you and make it as good or better than when new, it will even be refinished to your specification for a fraction of the price of a new chair.

Our aim is to get users into wheelchairs that suit their personalities, needs and most importantly their Budgets!


Sport-Mobility have many refurbished, ex-demo or lightly used titanium and aluminium Sport/Everyday wheelchairs in stock which we retail at between £500 and £1300. These wheelchairs can retail from leading manufacturers for over £3000. We are offering these at a massive saving.

If the chairs we have are not 100% to your specification we can alter to fit. We also stock used Spinergy wheels starting from £225 a pair and can supply new sets to order direct from the manufacturer.

Have a look at our shop to see what we have to offer. We are constantly listing wheelchairs and parts in our shop page so check on a daily basis for our stock. If you have a specific request for a wheelchair or parts, do not hesitate to contact us, as we can still normally help.

We can fully or partially refurbish your wheelchair to your specification including repairs such as welding, modification or recolouring. No job is too big or small to accomodate everyones budget.

Contact us for an instant quotation. You can supply the individual part to us tht needs refurbishing/ repairing or you can supply the complete wheelchair for us to refurbish.

We have full engineering facilities to hand so we can help you with bespoke parts requests or any engineering solutions that you may need.

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